Our mission is simple.

Help people enjoy better balance and health by unlocking the wisdom of plant science.

So glad you found us!

We have spent the last several years researching plant-based science in
order to Reimagine wellness — and we are excited for you to
experience the results.

Our formulations are carefully hand-blended, specifically for your wellness goals.
We are thrilled to share our products with you and honored that you
have trusted us as part of your journey.

Here’s to a better way!

~The Founders

Lyn Christensen

Co-Founder, COO & CFO

Lyn founded her business consulting practice in 2008 and has worked for and advised top family offices, technology and private equity firms.

Lyn is our expert in start-up operations and human resources. She has founded two start-ups as well as helping to build two more with Elon Musk. She joined him at his first company, Zip2, which was sold to Compaq and then his next start-up, x.com, which merged with PayPal then went public and eventually sold to eBay.

Lyn has always loved plants and believes that Mother Earth is the ultimate apothecary. She became obsessed with Marco’s formulations after her first sample and hounded him for two years to build his products into a company with her and Jorge.

Lyn graduated from The Johns Hopkins University with a Master’s degree in Organizational Development and received her BS in Psychology with honors from Brigham Young University. She lives with her husband & dog, and loves to garden and raise chickens.

Jorge C. Inda Meza

Co-Founder & CMO

Jorge is an entrepreneur and startup mentor. He grew up in Guadalajara, Mexico, but went on to graduate school at the University of Leuven, Belgium and has ever since lived and worked around the world. From Belgium to Buenos Aires, from South Africa to St. Louis, Missouri. Experiencing first hand this mosaic of cultural differences has given him a deep respect and appreciation for people's unique views of the world, wherever they might come from.

His early career was in large companies, but over the last few years he's worked with small businesses to bring plant-based solutions to life, and help people who seek a new path to healthy living.

He joined Marco and Lyn at Reimagine™ because he believes that a return to the wisdom of nature holds the key to solving our constant struggles, physical and mental, so prevalent in modern times.

Jorge is passionate about empowering LatinX, women, and minority-led businesses. He lives with his family and pups.

Marco Hoffman

Co-Founder & CEO

Marco is an entrepreneur at heart. He has built two succesful plant-based companies. He is the creator of the iconic 4.20 Bar and he founded one of the largest and most loved beverage & edibles companies in Washington.

In 2016, Marco began to experiment with blending tinctures using premium hemp and organic botanicals. He also utilized new technology and molecular science. When he shared his new formulas with friends & family, he got remarkable reactions.

That feedback and encouragement from so many people including his co-founders, Lyn and Jorge, prompted Marco to advance his original vision that hemp can unlock profound health and healing benefits.

Marco is a very engaging individual with deep knowledge around plant science. He received his BS from Boston University and Master’s in Cinematography from the American Film Institute.

His family is #1 and when he’s not concocting break-through hemp blends, he enjoys surfing.