"I took Zen daily to help me with the stress of dealing with surgery and it made such a difference in keeping me calm." - Brooks S.

Reimagine Zen 2oz


 Meet your everyday ally!
Includes ~1 month supply (2 bottles, 1oz each)

  • Enhance your mood*
  • With organic botanicals
  • Breakthrough use of full spectrum hemp
  • No artificial stimulants
  • Adaptogenic technology
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Zen for Your Mind, Body & Spirit

A premium blend of botanicals with adaptogens. Its full spectrum hemp oil is
crafted to inspire a feeling of full-body calm and relaxation.*

Quiet Your Mind

The noise inside of your head can be difficult to escape. It takes effort to calm your mind, restore your focus, and start living a life that is free of unnecessary anxiety.

Find Your Center

Reflective meditation isn’t the only way to find inner peace. A balanced head-space can be achieved simply by practicing mindfulness and finding time to truly relax.

Achieve Tranquility

Paradise isn’t a place - it’s a state of mind. Find tranquility by doing everything in your power to release tension and eliminate stress from your everyday life.

Change the Way You Live with Reimagine Zen

The modern world is more hectic, stressful, and demanding than ever before.

Every single day, there are deadlines to meet, people to please and active kids who demand your undivided attention.

When you finally do get a precious moment to yourself, it can be incredibly difficult to quiet your mind, recalibrate your mental load, and let go of the day’s many stressors.

Reimagine™ Zen is here. Release this tension, and find serenity in your everyday life.*

Real People, Real Results

Kenya O.

A dropperful of Zen helps me stay engaged and present throughout my day.

Kirsten N.

I use Zen in the middle of a long day of Zoom calls when I feel a little anxious and It has helped me to reset.

A Revolutionary Supplement that Can Transform How We Relax

Our innovations have prompted labs to create new standards to assess the wonderful effects of Hemp.

After years of development, we are pioneering the use of hemp oil with adaptogenic botanicals. When the elements found in hemp are paired with the Reimagine™ unique blend something amazing happens.

There are plenty of hemp products that promise to help you relax - but our tailored blend of calming, holistic ingredients is unique. When an unmistakable sense of clarity and serenity washes over you, you’ll know that Reimagine™ Zen is working.*

Easy Ways to Achieve Inner Peace

The secret to inner peace begins with mindfulness, gratitude, and making the most of life’s quiet moments.

Get Glowing

You know that inner glow you feel during a relaxing yoga session? Reimagine™ Zen gives you this sensation without ever having to break out your mat.

Sink Into Relaxation

Enhance the calming efects of a well-deserved bath or a quiet evening indoors - Reimagine™ Zen can help you achieve an elevated state of serenity.

Eliminate Occasional Anxiety

If you are constantly worrying or replaying the events of the day, Reimagine™ Zen will help you let go of ruminating thought patterns so that you can pay attention to what really matters.

What’s Inside Zen?

You won’t find any ingredients that will leave your brain feeling foggy or unfocused. Calm your mind and body the way nature intended.

The full-spectrum hemp oil blended with organic herbs were specifically formulated to help you find your place of inner peace.*

Another thing that won’t trouble your mind? Worrying about this product’s ingredients.

No Artificial Flavors
No Melatonin
No Parabens
No Added Sweeteners
American-grown Hemp

How to use Reimagine Zen

Gently shake the bottle before use. As you start your day, take one full dropper under your tongue and wait 30 seconds before swallowing.

Take a second dropper-full in the afternoon. Add a third dropper-full in the evening, as needed.

You may notice a distinctly herbal taste as we do not use artificial sweeteners. If you prefer, add it to your favorite beverage.

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Reimagine Zen 2oz

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